Versatile events

Mhares Sea Club is one of Mallorca’s most versatile venues for all sorts of celebrations. This past season, more than forty MICE events were held here for groups of all sizes, ranging from small groups of twenty, to meetings of more than two hundred guests.
Mhares Sea Club is getting ready to re-open in spring and offer its multicultural space, Bauxa, its restaurant Tamarell and the fabulous Sea Club for daytime events, with a restaurant and a pool, yet also for night gatherings, whether exclusive or non-exclusive, casual dinners or gala affairs. What’s more, Tamarell offers a wide range of menu options, from luxury dinners to finger foods, buffets, station banquets and family style service.
Mhares’ privileged facilities include a pool and direct beach access, where guests can take a dip or enjoy water sports. And of course, they are sure to revel in one of the island’s most spectacular sunsets.