“Nosey” Hotels

This past August, the Melia Palma Bay Hotel became a Hotel de Narices [“Nosey” Hotel]. This is a charitable campaign organised by La Sonrisa Médica, the medical clown association, in collaboration with the hotel’s entire human team.

Within the framework of the CSR initiatives of the different hotel chains and establishments, this campaign aims to raise funds to make the in-hospital time of hospitalised children easier and lighter through the activities of the clowns of La Sonrisa Médica. The hotels work to get their guests involved in this lovely fundraising initiative.

The “Hoteles de Narices” campaign first began in 2014 and has raised nearly €80,000 ever since, while increasing the number of participating establishments each year. The hotels contribute by providing the fundraising/ donation urns, culinary theme buffets, the Sonrisa Médica cocktail and the entertainment programmes (theatre, children’s music programme, laughter sports marathons, activities, etc.), as well as recruiting new members (starting at €10 a month), among others.