Christmas at the Park Hyatt Mallorca

The Park Hyatt Mallorca offers a number of different plans that are sure to make this year’s winter holiday season unforgettable. These include New Year’s Eve dinners, with local flavours, Asian dishes and Spain’s finest tapas. This New Year’s Eve will be featuring exquisite set meals including the gala dinner prepared by Michelin Star chef Álvaro Salazar. Brunch lovers will also get the opportunity to enjoy this American tradition on 25 December and 1 January. This festive atmosphere will be topped off with a Christmas market including the local products and typical delicacies of the holiday season.

Moreover, the restaurant team will be offering a very tempting proposal for those who prefer not to spend 24 and 25 December in the kitchen: a set meal to take away with a choice of succulent delicacies including foie gras, lobster, Christmas turkey with garnish and gravy, and one of France’s most popular Christmas desserts, the Christmas Yule log.