An „Absolute“ly enlightening meeting

Students of the „University Specialist in MICE“ Master’s Degree Programme at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) took part in a meeting to learn about the business of Absolute Groups & Incentives. Professor Neus García led the gathering, which included a presentation of the history of Absolute and the daily activity of the company. This event afforded the students detailed insight to business in the MICE sector, for their subsequent incorporation into the industry. In fact, Ioana Antal is the latest student from the Master’s Programme to join the company.

With more than thirty years of sector experience, Absolute Groups & Incentives is often regarded as a field benchmark. After making considerable changes this past year, the company boasts an excellent, very cohesive team and a brand-new office, with all the vitality and preparation necessary to meet the new professional challenges of the future.