Come and visit our destination

MallorcaCB is planning to hold a number of different fam trips for MICE organisers, giving participants the opportunity to see first-hand all the advantages that the island has to offer for events of all types. In addition to seeing modern venues and hotels, each schedule will be including alluring incentive activities that will help familiarise the participants with the traditions and customs of Mallorca. Moreover, the fam trips will be an excellent opportunity to establish an initial contact with local service providers. The dates of each trip are as follows:

-FT with Spanish MICE agencies (3-6 October 2019)

-FT with British MICE agencies (England and Ireland) (17-20 October 2019)

-FT with Scandinavian MICE agencies (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) (23-27 October 2019)

-FT after the IBTM (21 – 24 November 2019)