Asia at the Park Hyatt

The restaurant Asia, located in the Park Hyatt Mallorca, reopened its doors on 12 April by the hand of its new chef, Tae Rodríguez Yamaguchi. Tae, whose background has straddled both the Spanish and Japanese traditions, is launching a menu that brings Asian culture to the Mallorcan and Spanish product. This is a cuisine marked by her Japanese influence, which also combines techniques and products typical of South Korea, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

The restaurant Asia is exquisitely designed as a private villa. Decorated with traditional Asian objects and books, the warm atmosphere of the place feels like it could perfectly well be the home of a dear who likes to travel. The spectacular views over the valley of Canyamel and the Mediterranean from its landscaped terrace complete this gastronomic journey through the tastiest cookery books of Asia.