BitMEET at Club DM

The Club Diario de Mallora hosted the first celebration of BitMEET, the digital transformation event where a panel of ICT experts discussed the importance of “Data analysis” and different strategies with success stories of correct data management.

The conference featured presentations by ICT sector experts including: Miguel Fernández, the CEO of Innovation Strategies; Mar Muñoz, the CEO of IT Travel; Alejandro Forcades, the CEO of SM2; Josep Lluis Vidal, the CEO of Brújula; and Tomasa Rodrigo, the Head of Big Data at BBVA Research. Finally, the subsequent colloquium was moderated by IT consultant Gabriel Sampol.

The issues explored in the different conference presentations included “Data as a Trigger of the Digital Transformation”, “Making Data Speak” and “Big Data for Geopolitical, Social and Economic Analysis”. Following the presentations, all attending the conference enjoyed a cocktail in the gardens of the Club Diario de Mallorca.