High Tech at the Palau

Palma’s new convention centre, the Palau de Congressos, has recently added a cutting-edge Wi-Fi network to its services, enabling it to provide any and every wireless service that its guests could ever need. The network has 96 high-capacity fixed access points that can be expanded in keeping with the needs of the event, as well as the capacity to accommodate more than 16,000 wireless devices all at once. The guest will also enjoy a professional-quality optical fiber internet access line with a bandwidth of 2 Gbps (1+1 Gbps at two different connection points, providing total access redundancy) and ongoing support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This entire wireless infrastructure is accompanied by a cable network with more than 150 network outlets (CAT 6, 100 Mbps) that are distributed throughout the entire building of Palma’s Palau de Congressos.