Mallorca Top Activities

Mallorca Top Activities has begun 2019 with a project in collaboration with the 21st FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship, which will be held 17 – 20 October. This event will be bringing together more than 100 hot air balloons, 85 teams and 600 participants from more than 25 different nationalities.

In this collaboration, Mallorca Top Activities will be offering activity packages for the pilots of the balloons and their teams, family members and friends who want to spend their free time enjoying different experiences on our island, affording them the opportunity to see Mallorca from different perspectives.

Hence, participants can visit the incredible sea cave, the Cova d’es Coloms, with its crystal-clear turquoise fresh- and saltwater lake and spectacular chambers full of enormous stalactites and stalagmites, with the exciting “Sea Cave” activity; explore the depths of the sea with our diving tours; and go snorkelling to enjoy the diverse fauna of the Mediterranean Sea, among many other activities.