Porsche & Zafiro Hotels

Zafiro Hotels are delighted to announce that Porsche have selected them as its European destination of choice. Showcasing the latest sportscar designs to its dealers internationally, this exclusive collaboration solidifies the brand’s position in the luxury market whilst changing the face of tourism in the Balearic Islands.

Europe’s finest destination for the iconic car brand to be associated with, this new partnership sits perfectly in line with Zafiro Hotels’ goal to make places with soul and purpose. Complimenting in turn with the ‘Porsche Principal’ of 70 years of sports car history bursting with emotion – Zafiro Hotels will be the brand’s official host over the next three years.

This month, the five-star Zafiro Palace Palmanova will host Porsche who will present to and train top car dealers from across the world on the prestigious brand’s new model. With spacious, world-class facilities and sleek modern architecture throughout, Zafiro Palace Palmanova is the perfect European hub to host the luxury brand.