Weddings at Catering Flanigan

Weddings are one of Catering Flanigan’s essential specialties, with a wide range of options to celebrate the big day. To ensure the event is unforgettable, they custom-design a unique, one-off celebration that adapts to the backdrop chosen by the bride and groom. An example of this is the recent wedding held at an estate in Calvià, a very charming site with a sacred chapel, where, at midday, the ceremony was held with the guests, most of whom came to Mallorca just for the occasion.

To celebrate, a delightful welcome appetiser was offered in the main courtyard, with a stand featuring Mallorcan food. Later, guests were led into another area, for dinner around a beautiful imperial table. Each event is accompanied by a large team of kitchen and dining room staff, highly qualified professionals who clearly and truly set Catering Flanigan’s service apart from the rest.